Gow, Nathaniel


Scotch violinist and composer, the most noted son of Niel Gow; was born at Inver, near Dunkeld. He studied under his father, and in Edinburgh under the best Scotch violinists. He was a violinist in the Edinburgh concerts while his brother William was leader, and in 1791 succeeded him in that capacity. In 1796 he started a music publishing .business in partnership with William Shepherd at Edinburgh, retiring in 1813, but afterward resumed business with his son as partner, and continued in it till 1827, when he became bankrupt. He was pensioned by George IV. He made collections as follows: One of his father's dance music; two of Scotch airs for piano or harp, violin and violoncello; a collection of dance music for piano and harp, containing many of his own compositions, etc. He is best remembered as the composer of Caller Herrin', a " piece written to illustrate the musical street cries of Edinburgh."