Gotze, Heinrich


Vocal teacher and composer; born at Wartha, Silesia; was the son of a school-teacher; studied singing under Franz Gotze at the Leipsic Conservatory, but subsequently lost his voice, and then became a teacher of music successively in Russia and Breslau, in the latter place studying further under Mosewms and Baumgart. In 1871 he became director and  teacher at the Liebenthal State Normal School, and later became Royal musical director at Ziegenhals, Silesia. He composed a mass in four parts with orchestral accompaniment; many pieces for organ and for piano; songs; choruses; and several works for various combinations of stringed instruments. He was also the author of two didactic works; one of these is considered the first important German work on the subject of musical dictation; the other is entitled The Practical Application of Harmony in Connection with Organ-playing.