Godfrey, Daniel Eyers


Dan Godfrey, as he subscribes himself, was born at Beeston, near Nottingham, England, the eldest son of Daniel Godfrey, sr., and has become more eminent than the elder members of his family. He was educated at King's College School and at the Royal College of Music, and also had private lessons in music. Beside piano, violin, organ, harmony and counterpoint, he studied clarinet and military orchestration. His teachers were Henry Lazarus, Henry Holmes, Sir Frederick Bridge, Alfred Caldicott, and others. In 1890 he was bandmaster of the Corps of Commissionaires and also conductor of the London Military band with which he toured England that season; and the next year, 1892, he went to South Africa as musical director of an opera company. In 1893 he was musical director at the Olympia, Limited. He is at present resident musical director to the Corporation of Bournemouth, to which position he was appointed in 1895. not long after his settlement at that place. Here, as conductor of the Winter Gardens, and of the Symphony concerts since 1894, he has raised the standard, not only of local but of national music, producing the works of many British composers, and giving also numerous choral concerts. He is a licentiate and also an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Music.