Glareanus, Henricus


Celebrated German teacher and writer on musical theory, whose real name was Heinrich Loris. Was born at Glarus, whence this Latinized name; was a pupil in the Latin School at Berne, afterward studying theology and music, the latter under Cochlaus, at Cologne. In 1512 he was crowned poet laureate for his poem written in honor of Emperor Maximilian I. He taught various subjects in Paris and Basle, including philosophy and mathematics, and settled in Freiburg in 1529, where he lectured on history and literature, and finally retired. Learned and cultured, he was a most eminent authority on musical theory in his day, and wrote several works on various phases of the subject, the most important being the Dodecachordon, published in 1547, which advocated twelve modes of composition in church music instead of the eight generally mentioned. It is historically valuable in regard to notation as well as musical theory.