Gladstone, Francis Edward


Noted English organist and composer of church music; born at Summertown, near Oxford; was a pupil of Dr. S. Wesley from 1859 to 1864, and then became organist of Holy Trinity Church, Weston-super-Mare. From 1866 to 1886 he occupied positions as organist at five different churches, including five years at Christ Church, London. In 1887 he became a Roman Catholic, and was director of the choir of St. Mary of the Angels' Church at Bayswater till 1894. He took the degree of Bachelor of Music in 1876, and Doctor of Music in 1879 from Cambridge. Became professor of counterpoint at Trinity College, London, in 1881, and of harmony and counterpoint at the Royal College of Music in 1883. Dr. Gladstone stands in the first rank of living English organists, and has composed much music for the church service; an overture; and some chamber-music, all in manuscript; a chorus with orchestral accompaniment, "A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea;" and three cantatas, Philioni, Nicodemus, and Constance of Calais.