Giovanelli, Ruggiero


Italian composer, and chapelmaster; was born at Velletri, about 1560; the precise date of his death is not known. He was one of the most prominent masters of the Roman School. In 1587 he was chapelmaster of San Luigi de' Francesi in Rome, and later of the German Collegiate Church, and in 1594  of St. Peter's, succeeding Palestrina, just deceased. In 1599 he became a singer in the Papal choir. His compositions are chiefly madrigals, of which he published from five to six collections at dates ranging from 1585 to 1606, also a book of Canzonette and Villanelle. Many of his sacred works remain in manuscript in the Vatican, including masses, psalm and motets. Other madrigals are in collections by Scotto and Phalese. The last date at which he was known to be living is 1615; in that year he published a revised edition of Graduals by the request of Pope Paul V.