Giordano, Umberto


Italian dramatic composer; was born at Foggia; studied at the Conserv- atory of Naples under Serrao, and there composed an opera, Marina, which was performed at a Sonzogno concert, and secured a publisher's request for a second. The ensuing melodrama, Mala Vita, was produced in Rome in 1892, with great popular success. Regina Diaz, given at Naples in 1894, failed; Andrea Chenier, considered the most original of his works, was brought out at Milan in 1896, and was much more successful. After appearing on most of   the Italian stages it was produced in Berlin in 1898, and in English in London in 1903. In 1897 Mala Vita reappeared at Milan, with some changes, under the name II Voto. In 1898 Fedora, an opera based on Sardou's drama of that name, was produced with success. Siberia, which has excited much comment, was first produced at Milan, and later at Genoa, Naples, and other Italian cities, with more success; in 1905 it was given at Paris, and in 1907 at Leipsic. In November, 1907, his latest opera, Marcella, was produced at Milan, after which Giordano set to work on another libretto by yictorien Sardou, Festival of the Nile.