Germer, Heinrich


Teacher of and writer for piano; was born at Sommersdorf, Saxony; began life as a school-teacher, but at the age of twenty entered the Berlin Akademie for the study of composition. On leaving the Akademie, he went to Poland as a private tutor, but two years later settled in Dresden as a teacher of music. He published a method for piano, and edited a number of sonatas, including those of Beethoven and Mozart, and of studies, of which a collection of etudes by Czerny is perhaps best known. He also wrote some didactic works, The Technics of Piano-playing, School of Octave and Chord Playing, How Ought One to Study Piano Technique? and Manual of Tone Production. He is much esteemed as a teacher in Dresden, and his technical works rank with the best of modern times. His Technics of Piano-playing is said by a competent authority to be the most systematic, progressive and logical method for the piano, providing for all stages from the elementary to the most advanced and training the pupils from the very beginning of keyboard study to think for themselves and work toward an independent musical intelligence.