Gautier, Jean François Eugene


French composer and violinist; was born at Vaugirard, near Paris. He studied yiolin under Habeneck and composition under Halevy at the Paris Conservatory, where in 1838 he won the first prize for yiolin and in 1842 the second grand prize. In 1848 he was second conductor at the Theatre National, and later at the Theatre Lyrique. In 1864 he became choral director at the Theater Italien. The same year he was appointed professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatory, and eight years afterwards of musical history. For several years he was also chapelmaster   of the Church of St. Eugene, Paris. His dramatic compositions consist of fourteen operas, the majority containing only one act, and performed at the Theatre Lyrique or the Opera Comique. Among these may be mentioned L'Armeau de Marie; Les Barricades, in collaboration with Pilati; Le mann de la garde; Murdock le Bandit; Flore et Zephire; Schahabaham II; Le manage extravagant; Le docteur Mirobolau: La Bacchante; Jocrisse; and Le tresor de Pierrot. His sacred music comprises an oratorio, La mort de Jesu; a cantata, Le aout, and du Ave Maria.