Garrett, George Mursell


English church composer and organist; was born at Winchester, England, was a pupil of Elvey at Oxford, and afterwards of the organist Wesley at Winchester, from 1848 to 1854, becoming the latter's assistant in 1851. From 1854 to 1856 he was organist of Madras Cathedral, from 1857 of St. John's College, Cambridge, taking the same year the degree of Bachelor of Music from Cambridge, and in 1867 that of Doctor of Music. In 1873 he succeeded Hopkins as organist at the University. In 1878 he received the degree M.A., then conferred for the first time upon anyone not filling a professor's chair in music. He was University lecturer on harmony from 1883; was examiner in music for the University of Cambridge, and conductor of St. John's College Musical Society, playing at its concerts as solo pianist. He was also a member of the Philharmonic Society. His compositions are The Shunammite, sacred cantata; The Deliverance of St. Peter, in manuscript; The Triumph of Love, secular cantata; services and anthems; part-songs, songs and organ pieces. His reputation as a composer rests almost entirely on his music for the church service. He was well known as an organist, and died in Cambridge.