Gabriel, Mary Ann Virginia


An Irish composer, born at Banstead, Surrey, studied piano under Pixis, Dohler and Thalberg, and harmony under Molique. In 1874 she married George E. March, who wrote most of the librettos for her operettas. She is best known by her cantata, Evangeline, based on Longfellow's poem of that name, and performed in 1870 and 1873 at Covent Garden, together with another, Dreamland. She died in London in 1877 from the effects of an accident. Of her operettas, Widows Bewitched, produced in 1867, was very popular. Others are Shepherd of Cornailles; The Rainy Day; and Who's the Heir. She also wrote over seventy songs, including In the Gloaming, Somebody's Darling, and When Sparrows Build; also some part-songs and pieces for the piano.