Fuchs, Karl Dorius Johann


Pianist, conductor, writer and critic, born in Potsdam, and studied music under his father, who was an organist. He gave lessons on the piano while he was pursuing his studies at the Berlin University and later was enabled to study under von Bülow, who took an interest in him and for four years taught him gratis. In 1869 Fuchs was organist at Stralsund, and later studied thoroughbass under K. Fr. Wietzmann and composition with F. Kiel. He was for two years a private tutor at the home of a rich gentleman near Berlin and also employed at the home of Steffeck, the artist, in a like capacity. He appeared at Berlin frequently as a pianist and went on a concert tour m 1875. He lived in Berlin from 1871 to 1875 as pianist, teacher and critic, and also lived at Hirschberg and at Danzig, where he became conductor of the choral union, a teacher and organist. Fuchs wrote a number of theoretical works of great value and as a pianist ranked high. An English translation of his Praktische Anleitung zum Phrasieren, written jointly with Hugo Reimann in 1886, appeared in New York in 1892. He was a learned man of great intellectual attainments as well as an ac complished musician.