Dvorak, Antonin

Of the other works of Dvorak, The Heirs of the White Mountains, is a cantata or hymn written to the words of Halek, which brought the composer great fame because of its beauty and vigor, and especially its local color. His other operas, beside those mentioned, are Die Dickschadel, comic opera written in 1874 and produced in 1882; Wanda, a great tragic opera 5 produced in 1874; and Dim: trije, produced in 1882. Beside these he wrote a vast number of songs, choruses, piano and violin music, symphonies, overtures, a Te Deum, concertos, and cantatas. The overtures Mein Heim, In Der Natur, and the Carneval; his symphonies and the Slavic dances and rhapsodies; orchestral ballades and much beautiful chamber and piano music had made Dvorak's name famous even before he came to New York. His symphony, From the New World, which was first performed in 1893, possesses great charm and beauty and in it the composer tried to show how the songs of America might be employed in building up an American School of Music. For this reason Dvorak and his music hold an unusual amount of interest for Americans.