Doppler, Albert Franz


The elder of the Doppler brothers, who became proficient as flutists and conductors. Albert Franz was born at Lemberg and received his musical training from his father, who was afterwards oboist at a Warsaw theatre and later on at Vienna, where Albert made his debut as flutist. He undertook several concert tours with his brother Karl, afterward being appointed principal flutist at the Pesth Theatre, for which his first opera was composed. It was entitled Benjowski and was produced in 1847. Ilka appeared in 1849 and others shortly after, written jointly with his brother and Erkel. In 1858 he became first flutist and second ballet conductor at the Court Theatre, Vienna, and from 1865 was teacher of the flute at the Conservatory of Vienna. He wrote a German opera, Judith, for Vienna, and a comic opera, entitled Margot, was produced at Berlin in 1891. Other works consist of overtures, ballet pieces and flute concertos.