Coquard, Arthur


French composer, who has written many lyric and dramatic scenes for voices and orchestra, and other music of much merit. He was born in Paris and was a private pupil, in harmony, of Cesar Franck. Since 1892 he has been a lecturer at the National Institute for the Blind, at Paris, and was for some time musical critic of Le Monde (The World), Paris. He received a prize from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1892 for a book on the music of France. Among his operas, Le Mari d'un Jour; L'Oiseau Bleu, produced in 1894 and La Jacquerie, pordnccd at Paris; and Monte Carlo, have met with a favorable reception. His other compositions are a two-act opera, L'Epee du Roi, produced in 1884; a three-act comic opera, a sacred trilogy; an oratorio, Jeanne d'Arc; several cantatas; choruses to Racine's Esther; and several dramatic scenes, including Cassandrc and Hero et Liandre. " His music," says Grove, ' Is distinguished by clearness, charm and exact dramatic sentiment, and may be regarded as a continuation of the noble classic traditions, happily united to modern harmonic science.