Conus, Georges


Contemporary Russian composer and teacher. He was born in Moscow, studied at the local Gymnasium and entered the Imperial Conservatory in Moscow in 1882, from which he was graduated in 1889, having completed a special course in composition. His teachers were his father, Antoine Areusky, Paul Pabst, Serge Taniew, and Tschaikowsky, the latter being his critic during the last two years at the Conservatory. From 1891 to 1899 he was professor of harmony and instrumentation at the Conservatory at Moscow, in 1902 was professor of composition at the Philharmonic School there, and two years later became director, relinquishing this post to devote his time to composition. All his orchestral compositions have been given in the symphony concerts at the Imperial Society of Music at Moscow, St. Petersburg, Charkoff and Odessa, and also in the concerts of the Philharmonic Society, Moscow. His ballet, Daita, was given sixteen representations in 1896 nd 1897 at the Grand Theatre Imlerial of Moscow. The Emperor of Russia bestowed upon him an annual pension for his Scenes enfantines for orchestra and choir.