Combs, Gilbert Raynolds


He was born in Philadelphia and came of a musical family. He was originally intended for the career of a physician, but he very early in life showed a talent for music and received a careful training in it. He was educated at Eastburn Academy, in Philadelphia, and studied music first under his father, a pianist and composer, and then under several American and European masters. Mr. Combs is a pianist, organist, and player of stringed instruments and has also been an orchestral and chorus conductor with striking success. At present, he is the director, proprietor and head of the piano department of the Broad Street Conservatory of Music, Philadelphia, which he founded in 1885, and which from the outset was successful. He is also one of the founders, and ex-president of the Sinfonia. For several years he was organist and choirmaster in leading churches of Philadelphia. It was his success and popularity as a teacher that led Mr. Combs to found the Broad Street Conservatory, every department of which is under his direction and supervision. He has composed much for the orchestra, also for pianoforte, voice and violin. It is as a teacher, however, that he has been most successful.