Chopin, Frederic François

On his return to Paris, the composer became the center of an artistic circle, which included Cherubini, Bellini, Berlioz, Meyerbeer, Liszt, who became one of the most ardent and loyal of his admirers, and in later years his devoted friend; the painter, Delacroix; Heine, the poet; Balzac and others. The following year (1837) Chopin visited Marienbad and went to London   where he stayed incognito and neither received nor paid visits because of the condition of his health, which was gradually growing worse. There the first symptoms of the disease, which finally carried him off, asserted themselves. He played at the house of James Broadwood, in London, but appeared nowhere else, and it is probable that his visit to London was for the purpose of seeking a physician's advice. Chopin's public appearances were now becoming fewer and fewer. He loved the intimacy of the private salon; among the friends he was fond of but disliked playing in public, saying the audiences " stifled and suffocated " him, and that he could never do his best under those conditions.