Carnicer, Ramon



Spanish operatic composer and teacher, who was born at Lerida, according to some historians and according to others at Tarregge, Catalonia. He pursued his early studies at the Madrid Conservatory, and after graduating from that institution occupied several important posts. From 1818 to 1820, he was professor of composition at the Madrid Conservatory, from 1830 to 1854, conductor of the Italian Opera at Barcelona, and from 1828 to 1830 of the Royal Opera, Madrid. He is credited with being one of the creators of Spanisli national opera, the zarzuela. While conducting the opera at Barcelona he produced his first operatic work, Adela de Lusignano, and for the Theatre Royal at Madrid he wrote Elena e Malvino, in 1829, and Colombo, in 1831, which last was considered by many to be his best. His music is thoroughly saturated with the national airs of Spain. In all, Carnicer composed nine operas; wrote much church music; several symphonies; Spanish songs; and national hymns.