Candeille, Amelie Julie Simon


Dramatic soprano and actress, also a composer of considerable talent, who was born in Paris and made her debut in 1782 as Iphigenie in Gluck's opera, Iphigenie en Aulide. She was engaged from 1783 to 1796 as an actress at the Theatre Franchise in Paris. In 1798 she married Simon, a carriage manufacturer of Brussels, but separated from him and, in 1821, married a painter named Pierie. Mme. Simon, as she was known, resided in Paris for a number of years as a teacher, and was highly esteemed. She composed the music and wrote the libretto of a successful opera, La Belle Fermiere, which was produced in 1792. In it Mme. Simon took the leading part, singing to her own accompaniment on the piano and harp. Another opera, Ida, produced in 1807, was not a success. Besides the operatic works mentioned she also composed three piano trios, four piano sonatas, fantasias, romances, and songs. She was the daughter of Pierre Joseph Candeille, an operatic composer of some repute in his day.