Campagnoli, Bartolomeo


A violinist of great renown, of the school of Pugnani and Giardini, who aided in forming the more modern one of Viotti, Kreutzer and Spohr. He was born at Centon, near Bologna, and studied violin under Dall 'Ocha, a pupil of Lolli's. He was violinist at the Pergola Theatre, Florence, where he met Cherubini, and was later a leader at Rome, and in 1776, chapelmaster to the bishop of Freysing. Two years later he was violinist to the Duke of Courtland at Dresden. He traveled through Europe as a violinist and resided in Leipsic from 1797 until 1818, where he was conductor of the Gewandhaus concerts, and he also lived in Paris. Among his works are a number of exercises, which are widely used among professors of music for the young violinist who has achieved a moderate mastery over his instrument. He also wrote duets for flute and violin; three concertos for flute and orchestra; polonaises; suites; divertissements, and other music.