Bond, Mrs. Carrie Jacobs


Contemporary American song-writer whose work is marked by simplicity and sympathy. On the title page of certain volumes of her songs is inscribed this phrase, " as unpretentious as the wild-rose." She publishes her own work, at the Bond Shop, Chicago, which has sent out numerous musical compositions of hers as well as some verse. Carrie M. Jacobs was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. She cannot remember the time when she could not sing; at the age of four she could pick out airs on the piano and at seven could play anything she heard. She was married to Dr. Frank Bond, in 1888, and removed to Northern Michigan. On his death, in 1895, she came to Chicago with the intention of starting a new home there. The new establishment was to be shared with Amber, the well-known Chicago newspaper writer, but the plan was frustrated by the death of this friend. Mrs. Bond now went abroad for a season, and there received encouragement to devote her attention to music. On her return she settled in Chicago. Her work was introduced to the public by means of recitals, at which she sang her own songs solely. She made extensive tours in this country, and in 1905, sang in various European capitals. For a number of years she has published her compositions herself, consisting of a large number of songs and various pieces for the piano. Of the songs mention should be made of His Lullaby; Where to Build Your Castles; Three Ages of Man; I Love You Truly; Just A Wearyin' For You; Des Hold My Hand; His Buttons are Marked U. S.; Movin' In De Bes' Soci'ty; The Dear Auf Wiedersehn; and The Naughty Little Girl.