Bizet, Georges (Alexandre Cesar Leopold)

His other works besides those mentioned are the operas, Numa and Djamileh, produced at the Opera Comique in 1875; Ivan the Terrible, an opera never performed; a symphonic ode, Vasco da Gama; a symphony; a suite, Jeux d'Enfants; much piano music, including Venice, a song without words, Marine Nocturne, and transcriptions for both two and four hands; and twenty-six songs, among the most popular of which is Les Adieux de 1'Hotesse Arabe.

Bizet left few compositions and those that he did not destroy prior to his death were in such an unfinished state as to be practically illegible. Very few biographies of the composer have ever been written. The only important one was published by Charles Pigot in 1886 and is entitled Bizet and his Work. Mile. Cecile Chaminade, the famous composer and a pupil and friend of Bizet, contributed a brief but valuable article to the Century Library of Music, in which she praises him highly as man and musician.