Becker, Carl Ferdinand


German writer, organist and composer. In Germany was esteemed most for his writings. Of these mention should be made of the following: Systematisch-chronologische Darstellung der Musiklitteratur; Die Hausmusik in Deutschland im 16, 17, and 18 Jahrhundert; and Die Tonwercke des 16 and 17 Jahrhunderts. His work is valued for its accuracy. He was a skilled bibliographer. Becker's extensive collection of music, which contained many rarities, he bequeathed to the city of Leipsic. He was born and died in Leipsic, and was organist and professor at the Leipsic Conservatory. He studied the piano under Schicht and Schneider, and at an early age played the piano in public. Later Becker devoted more attention to the organ, and became organist of the Church of St. Peter, and afterward of St. Nicholas Church in Leipsic.