Batiste, Antoine Edouard


French organist and composer. Son of Batiste, the well-known comedian. Studied at the Paris C9nservatory and while there gained eight prizes. Before he finished his course at the Conservatory he was appointed deputy professor of the Solfeggio Class, afterward being professor of the Male Choral Class and of the Joint Singing Class. From 1842 until his death he was organist in Paris churches. His compositions for the organ consist of offertories, sonatas, fugues, fantasias and voluntaries. He also wrote piano music and songs. Batiste was considered one of the best of modern performers on the organ. His compositions, although somewhat showy, are considered very good. He was very clever in producing orchestral effects on the organ. His most substantial work, however, was as a teacher and writer. His works on harmony and method and his diagrams for reading music are especially good.