Barth, Karl Heinrich


A German pianist. He is noted for his interpretation of classical music and holds a high place as an ensemble player. He was born at Pilau, Prussia, the son of a teacher, and received his first instruction from his father, beginning the piano when he was only four years old. He studied under Steinmann, in Potsdam, and in Berlin was a pupil of von Bülow. Bronsart, also, was one of his teachers, and for a short time he received instruction from Tausig. At the age of twenty-one, he was appointed a teacher in the Stern Conservatory at Berlin, and three years later became professor at the Berlin Hochschule. In England and Germany he has enjoyed great success on concert tours. The Trio-Concerts given by Barth, the celebrated violinist De Ahna, and the celebrated violoncellist Hausmann, won well deserved renown. Herr Barth held the position of pianist to the Emperor Frederick.